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Big Boy Waterfalls and Koi Ponds - Tigard, OR

Water Fountain and Pond Installation servicing Tigard, Oregon

Picture a glimmering pond full of luscious greens and vibrant fish swimming about. Big Boy Waterfalls and Koi Ponds has many years of experience designing and building koi ponds specific to our clients needs. Our ponds range in size and are designed exactly the way your desire.

With nearly 20 years of experience we have been providing residents of Tigard the ability to create a one of kind backyard and landscape. Our family owned business and team of professionals are sure to provide you with the exact design you wish.

Koi ponds add a backyard or business with a relaxing and peaceful way to greet guest and family. We build each koi pond custom to the way you like it then you can add your own succulent greens and luminous fish. Our waterfall installations and water fountains are a great addition to add to any pond.

Not only is a waterfall relaxing and tranquil to listen to, but it also helps in maintaining your pond and benefits in several ways. Rather than your koi pond becoming stagnant, a waterfall will help circulate and filter debris as well as oxygenate you tank. A well oxygenated tank promotes a healthy ecosystem and aids in preventing the build up of nasty algae.

As a homeowner you want your house to be significant and unique to you and your family. Our pavers provide a better alternative to slippery tiles and brittle concrete. With a variety of colors to choose from, our pavers can be made into any shape or size you desire.

Another great extension to your home would be a retainer wall. Retainer walls provide a complex aspect to your home or office with a raised flower bed adding a touch of sophistication. In addition, our stamped concrete is an affordable way to provide surface to your backyard; it mimics a multitude of textures and patterns.

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with more information about our services. Call our office today at (503) 388-4070  to speak to one of our friendly associates right away!

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